My name is Dan Towle, and Dennis Bushnell was a big part of the Rodriguez Tandem manufacturing Rodriguez and Erickson Tandems for 23 years. Some of those years were working under contract with Angel Rodriguez, Glenn Erickson and myself. From 2005 until 2012, when Dennis retired, he worked right here along side us in the shop and trained our current team.

During his long career as a frame builder, Dennis was probably the most experienced tandem builder alive. He racked up many accomplishments in the world of frame building. He's also very modest, so it's up to me to let you know what he achieved during his long career.

Dennis Bushnell has been building some the lightest weight, high-performance, and unique bikes for as long as.....well I'll let you figure that out. Dennis was selected to hand-build bicycles for the 1984 U.S. Olympic team. He was also sought out to build the first carbon fiber tandems for Lon Haldeman and Pete Penseyre's record setting ride across the United States back in 1987.

Not many builders have a Polaroid picture of a complete fleet of Team Crest frames that they built for the 1990 Huffy team. One of these bikes made its way back to Dennis at Rodriguez Bicycles in 2011 for a small frame repair. Here's a quick story about that bike.

Dennis can claim over 25 years as a Master Frame Builder. That's more years than most custom bike manufacturers have even been in business.

Here's a list of just some of the professional racers that Dennis has built bicycles for over the decades:
  • Scott Moninger
  • Thurlow Rodgers
  • Andy Hampsten
  • David Brinton
  • Hugh Walton
  • Karen Carpenter-Phinney
  • Nelson Vails
  • Lon Haldeman
  • Pete Penseyres
  • Many others

Aside from building bicycles for some of the world's fastest cyclists, Dennis has built a reputation as a builder who can build just about any bike, no matter how long.

Every year at Bushnell Cycles, we build several triple frames, the occasional quad, and last winter even a quint. That's right, a bicycle built for five! Dennis also builds bikes that convert from single to tandem, triple, quad or quint.

If you've been to a tandem rally, you've probably seen the tandems where the captain rides in back, and the stoker rides in front in a recumbent position. This bicycle was called the Counterpoint Opus. Dennis was the guy who built most of the original Counterpoint Opus bicycles, and the Counterpoint Trios.

So, that about wraps it up for now. I hope you've enjoyed learning about Dennis, and also that you might consider Bushnell Tandems for your shop.