How Many Eccentrics Do You See In This Photo?

If you answered 1, you would be correct. The Bushnell eccentric is a bicycle part that Dennis (far right in picture) has designed and developed for 15 years. Last year demand increased for this product by over 80% and surpassed our ability to manufacture them in our shop. We had to temporarily pay a machine shop to make them for us so we could meet our demand. This was very expensive (not to mention unprofitable).

If you've been reading my newsletters, you know that we made a lot of changes last winter. One of our goals was to bring the manufacturing of this part back in house. This way we have control over quality and quantity. We did this through a product focused manufacturing method as opposed to process focused manufacturing. To keep a long story short - we make them ourselves in a very small shop, and focus on the quality of the product every step of the way.

What you see here is four happy guys who have just finished the largest run ever of the Bushnell eccentric. From left to right (Me (Dan T.), Dan B., Brad, Dennis). I'm not sure if we're happy, or just delirious, but I can tell that we were smiling. Brad holds in his hand the 1000th eccentric from our first run in the newly arranged machine shop.

Since this picture was taken, the next run of 600 has already been finished.

Dan - 7-25-2006