Bushnell Eccentric Build Specifications

Part Specifications:

The Bushnell design offers a ful 1/2 inch of chain adjustment.

Bottom Bracket Shell Specifications

Ideal Shell Specs for Bushnell Standard (non-Fatbike)

Fat Bike Ideal Shell Specifications

Deviations from spec: It is OK to deviate from this specification a bit. These shell dimensions are the ideal numbers if you are going to make, or order, bottom bracket shells to build with. If you already have shells for a lower quality ebb that you are now using, and you would like to know if they will work for a Bushnell, please email us with the specifications of your shell and we'll check it out for you.
Bottom bracket shells for frame builders can be purchased in many materials from Paragon Machine Works, and and from Nova Cycle Supply.

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Brackets are part of R+E Cycles in Seattle