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The Patented 2014 Bushnell Featherweight eccentric:

Advanced design, high-performance, extremely light weight and easy to use.

Suggested Retail $184.99

General Part Specifications:

The Patented 2014 Bushnell Retro eccentric:

Same advanced design, easy to use, and economical.

Suggested Retail $124.99

General Part Specifications:

NEW Bushnell Fat Bike Eccentric:

We are now prototyping a 100mm eccentric for fat bike applications. Same design as our ultra-reliable Retro EBB, but with a 100mm body. We've gotten excellent results using our standard 66mm wings, but plans for matching 100mm wings are in progress. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Retail $144.99

General Part Specifications:

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Where to Buy a Bushnell

Here are just some of the quality manufacturers who use the Bushnell eccentric on their bicycles.

Bushnell Eccentric Bottom Brackets are part of R+E Cycles in Seattle